Adding Color To Your Creative Dreams
A full-fledged animation studio that brings creativity, storytelling, and innovation together. Paperfolks is 5 years old, 50 members inclusive, and has been crafting stories for brands from all around the globe.

With an exceptional track record in diverse styles of animations, we design, create, and deliver high-quality 3D animations because - why not?

Motion Graphics

We make your brand story stand out with our dynamic motion graphics that make your audience go - WOW!

Crafting Unforgettable Visuals

Every frame is built in-house with tireless enthusiasm and genuine love from a group of ‘paperfolks’ who always put the work first.

The Paperfolk Experience

Our folks have been making animations just about every day and our eye for detail will not fail to impress. So trust us to make your idea entertaining!


Transparent communication encompasses every aspect of our business.
We are here for you from our very first hello!


Trust is the social glue that holds our clients and us together. Your privacy and confidentiality are our topmost priority!


Our highly qualified core team holds more than 2 decades of experience in all areas of the creative spectrum. Count on us to slay!


Delivering high quality and managing deadlines is a promise we make. Your journey with us will be as smooth as butter.

Our biggest superpower - visual storytelling. We gather your requirements and insights, craft a winning story, hand-pick the right resources, and manage the entire production cycle from start to finish.
Every project starts with extensive research before we proceed to script, storyboarding, animatics, illustrations, and character/asset creation design to produce a clear creative strategical backbone of every video.
From conceptualizing your environment to modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, compositing, and rendering - we enable you to tell stories and communicate your emotions effortlessly.
Once we’ve set the tone, all that is left is polishing it to perfection. We edit raw footage, sometimes cut scenes together, work with sound effects and voice-overs, or in some cases, even dubbing to attain global benchmarks that you deserve!
Indulge in a Visual NarrationOur Portfolio

In the last 5 years, we have had the incredible opportunity to explore the entire spectrum of creatives ranging from motion graphics, explainer videos, feature films, ed-tech videos to animations. Prepare to be amazed.

The 3D animation market's future is today and we want to be ahead of the curve. For us, innovation is constant.

We are always looking for opportunities to create futuristic content, embark on a journey to explore endless possibilities with unreal engines, NFTs, VR, game development, and integrate tech with creativity, like never seen before!

Coming Soon

The creative minds in Paperfolks had been eager to present their Intellectual property to the world.

Fun and exciting content is brewing in our creative labs every single day. We are extremely thrilled to showcase it to the world!

**Caution: Amazing content COMING SOON!


Nothing but a crazy bunch of extremely talented artists who hold unique ways to illustrate your vision. From industry veterans to talented up-and-comers, we have all the resources to get the best possible results for your needs.

Vibin Vijayan
Saijo Joy
Animation Director
Rafi Paul
Vivek Mangalath
Art & Animation supervisor
Vyshak Sivadas
Creative director
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What People Say

Our experience and expertise let us fit process, talent, and timeline to any given project. We like that. Our clients like that. See what they have to say

“Working with Paperfolks Team is a one of my greater journey with a deep creative and efficient Team bringing to each project the sparkling ideas that will make them unique and strong”

Bruno Zarka Chief Sales and Marketing Officer | TOONS MEDIA GROUP

This company was great fun as they brought their A game on to the floor. Their inputs in putting forward the creativity and aesthetics towards the build of each shot that we had to do helped me a lot.

Trishit Pradhan Associate VFX Supervisor| VHQ Media Post

It is clear that they care about the quality of the work they produce because they don’t squabble if the stakeholders push back with edits that need to be made. We look forward to our next project with Paperfolks!

Tim Cooke Partner/GM | Cadence Preferred

"We have been working with Paperfolks since may 2020 on projects like The everlasting story, Leo and Tig, Fantasy patrol and others. The studio's employees are highly qualified professionals, cooperation with whom is a pleasure. We believe in preserving the existing business and friendly relations and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation. We wish Paperfolks successful development and reaching new creative peaks!"

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